Situated on the hillsides of Dunham, at the heart of the first wine route of Quebec, UNION LIBRE cidre & vin was born in the summer of 2010. The objective was to produce a complete range of ciders including sparkling cider, ice cider and, of course, fire cider. The following spring, the first plot of the vineyard was planted, composed of six varieties of vines destined for the production of dry and sparkling white wines—Seyval blanc, Vidal, Chardonnay, Riesling, Pinot Gris and Gewurztraminer.

Union Libre made a huge step forward when, in January 2013, the government of Quebec made official the category of fire cider. This star product experienced a blazing success which enabled the vineyard to be expanded, with a second plantation in 2014.

Sylvie Chagnon and Ernest Gasser acquired the estate in August 2016. Their dream is to promote distinctive products that reflect our climate and the wealth of our soil. Incredibly passionate about viniculture, they opened up a third vine plantation in the spring of 2017. This new plantation doubles the vineyard area, now reaching a total of 22,000 vines, with the addition of Seyval Noir.

Ernest, a farmer all his life on a dairy and cash crop operation, is at ease overseeing the work in the fields. An excellent speaker, he loves to receive visitors and happily participates in the retail side of things. Sylvie, a former accountant for the Pharmaprix group, oversees the administration and accounting activities with an iron hand in a velvet glove. As a business woman, she is fully capable of managing multiple projects simultaneously and is a skilled decision maker. She loves meeting people and sharing her passion for wine!


UNION LIBRE cidre & vin is all about the expertise and the freedom of the senses with the goal of creating unique aromas, tastes and textures in a spirit of creative freedom. The company takes its inspiration from the combination of two crops as well as the duality of fire and ice. Its contemporary design speaks to its updated vision of the rural flavour.

Après la glace, le cidre de feu